Roofing slate

Do you wish to have a roof that lasts forever? Here is what you gotta have - slate roofing. Slate roof has been an important application of building slate tiles for hundreds years.  Slate roof tile, also being called "slate shingles" in some places, is an ideal roofing solution as minimum life of a slate roof is over hundred years. Some slate roofs in Europe are still in good condition 400 years after initial installation. Although cost of slate installation is moderately high, slate roofs are still arguably the least expensive money can buy when the life of roof is taken into consideration. 

 The slate roof shows beautiful colors and great textures and causes no ecological concerns. Although Vermont slates have been most popular choices in North America, China slates provide equally attractive alternatives that are comparable in variety and quality but  economic in terms of costs. Additional advantages of using slate roofing tiles are:  fireproof; water repellant; minimal maintenance - moss and fungus will not grow on the slate roof; appealing appearance; and competitive pricing comparing to regular roofing shingles if to buy slate roof shingles originated in China. As one of the leading natural slate manufacturer, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED supplies slate roofing tile in a variety color and styles, featuring rustic yellow slate roof tiles, dark gray slate roof tiles and red slate roof tiles in rectangle, corner beveled and scallop shapes. We offer special discount to volume buyers. Contact for detail.

 We maintain extensive inventory of slate roof tiles in our own factory in China so we can ship the orders of any sizes quickly. We custom produce slate roof tiles of special shapes, sizes and thickness to fulfill special slate roofing needs. For your convenience to install slate roof shingles, we will pre-drill installation nail holes in your specified locations.

 Slate Roofing Slate Roof Tile Slate Shingle - Common Shapes and Styles.

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