Chinese marble

The word "Marble" as a building material has deviated from its original geological definition. Many crystallized calcite rich stones nicknamed alabasters have been categorized as "building marbles". Guizhou Cream marble stone quarried in Southern China is just an example. In some areas, terminology  of  "marble", "marble granite" or "marble stone" has been adopted to refer to "building stone" in general. So, when you search for "marble" products, you may want to make sure whether you need real marbles or you are looking for other types of natural stones in a broader sense.
Marble can be used in many building and architectural applications. However, we suggest to avoid using marble in certain areas. For example, as marble is not very resistant to the heat, using it for kitchen countertop may not be a good choice. Listed in this page are popular marble colors quarried in China. Most of those marble types are suitable for fabricating slabs, blanks, floor tiles and wall coverings. Those marble colors are also good for tub surrounds, molding and trims. For marbles imported from Brazil, India and other areas of the world, please go to column of “foreign marble”  for the color gallery. All marbles we deal with are 100% nature and different from artificial, cultured or cast marble in pattern, texture and most importantly, the value.

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