Water fountain

When planning to build a garden fountain, people often debate on what material to use. Yes, there are a few fountain material options. Concrete, plaster, GFRC and natural stone are commonly used materials in modern garden fountain constructions. Concrete by far is the cheapest material for water fountains. However, it doesn't have carry much value, particularly comparing to garden fountains made in natural stone. In fact, stone fountains no longer have ridiculously high prices since products exporting out of China became popular in recent years.

If you are in the market for an affordable stone garden water fountain, you have come to the right place. Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED is a professional designer and maker of extensive garden stone ornamental items. Stone garden water features, particularly the marble fountains, are among our top specialties. Browse through this section, you will see that the carving on all marble fountains or other types of stone fountains are extremely intricate. Contemporary and antiqued designs of stone garden fountain available. Our fountains can be divided into the following categories: grand stone fountain with coping pool; marble ball fountain, wall marble fountain, high rise stone fountain, and marble pedestal fountain. Some stone fountains can be used indoor or outdoor. Customized designs are available. Garden fountain , wholesales, importers or resellers welcome.

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