Tables and Benches

Stone Table
Being made with natural stone, marble furniture such as marble tables are more durable, more decorative and more importantly, more valuable than any synthetic or even solid wood  materials. In most marble tables, there are also stone arts involved. White marble, such as Beijing Off White and Italian White Carrara, is the most commonly used stone for making stone furniture and tables. In additions to white marble furniture, red & black marble tables are getting increasingly popular.
Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED manufactures hand carved marble tables, onyx tables, stone table tops, marble top table, marble dining table, marble coffee tables, replicas of marble antique tables, end table and simple column table at the highest quality but cheap prices. We offer large selections of marble table designs and other types of stone tables in terms of styles and colors. Our factory are well staffed with professional design engineers, skilled stone carvers and fully equipped with advanced machineries to execute mass stone table carving and fabrication. Custom carved marble tables available, i.e., you can choose table color, table style and table size, or even send us your own designs for customized carving and production. We offer special prices for volume buy. Contact us for detail.
Stone Bench
Decorating garden may have many options. Traditional concrete and wood have been major material for garden construction and decoration. Since prices for natural stone became cheap enough, more and more garden projects use stone elements, among which marble bench, granite bench and other types of stone benches are essential setups in modern garden developments. Ordinary wood outdoor bench needs costly maintenance and is not very resistant to weather conditions. Such disadvantages of garden outdoor bench can be eliminated by substituting wood with natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone, slate or less expensive sandstone.
Are you looking to buy low price garden bench that is made in natural stones such as marble, limestone and travertine? If so, you have come to the right place. Working with Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED, a leading stone factory in China, we produce hand carving stone outdoor garden benches with detail-oriented state of the art workmanship. Each outdoor bench is in fact a natural art bench. Listed in this section are some sample styles of stone benches we made in past. Custom dimensions designs available. We don't use cheap materials or cheap workmanship. Large color and design selections, low stone price and superior workmanship have allowed us gain competitive edge in North America. We specialize in custom design and production.

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