Stone Defects

Stone is a product of nature, therefore, any kind of stone will include some possible defects.
For some natural defects, we must reject it and pick them out, otherwise, the shipment will be poor quality.
Below are some usual defects and you may find the reference pictures of them as follows, so that you can understand more about the “Nature” of stone.
RefineStone Industrial Co.,LIMITED adheres to the high quality of the stone products. When we find the below stone defects, we will pick them out so that the customers could get quality products.
1.       Color Line.
2.       Two different Color Shade in a piece of stone.
3.       Color Difference
4.       Veins
5.       hairline vein
6.       holes (tiny, small or big)
7.       Spots (could be black, white, green, depending on different stone).
8.       Crack
9.       false crack.
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