Pavilion and tailgate

Pavilion / Gazebo has been an important element in modern garden decor. A garden gazebo can be made in different materials like solid wood, concrete and natural stone. Stone gazebo has many advantages over other materials such as better durability and easiness of maintenance. A marble gazebo or other natural stone gazebo can enhance garden decor in an unique way. Traditionally the stone gazebo is more expensive than gazebos made in other materials. However this has changed since importing from China become popular. As a leading natural stone supplier in China, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED supplies high quality stone gazebos at extremely low prices.  All gazebos are intricately hand carded by professional sculptors.
Each stone gazebo comes with a weathering-proof cast iron dome cap, and can be made in sandstone, marble, limestone and travertine. We customize each stone gazebo to fulfill your special needs. Remember, we are Chinese factory that directly manufactures large selections of high quality yet cheap price stone gazebos worldwide.
Stone Gazebo Installationall gazebos will come in the following parts for easy installations: gazebo column bases; gazebo column shafts; gazebo column caps; optional gazebo floor; gazebo bench slabs; gazebo bench stands; gazebo upper ring parts; metal gazebo cap.
Typical Columns For Marble  Gazebo: 10'D - 6 Pieces; 12'D - 7 Pieces; 15' D - 8 Pieces. More columns can be added at extra costs. standard stone gazebo height is 10 foot.

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