Marble Human Sculptures

Natural marble with immense beauty has enormous workability due to its ageless characteristic. RefineStone Industrial Co.,LIMITED is a leading manufacturer producing a large selection of attractive elegant marble statues, sculptures, marble figure and busts. Our statues range from indoor small statues to large life size outdoor lawn and garden sculptures, from modern contemporary art carving to replicas of the classic ancient world's famous statues and sculptures including Italian Roman marble statues such as  King David sculpture by Michelangelo and Venus de Milo sculpture;  Greek marble statues such as Aphrodite sculpture; and religious statues  such as  sculptures depicting stories  of Virgin Mary and Cherubs.  Shown in this section are life size marble statues of human from the hands of our master sculpture artists.  

Marble statues sculptures and stone figures traditionally have a variety of themes that are to explore and to celebrate the greatnesses of the human spirit. Each of the spirit must be well perceived, imagined and interpreted by the carving artist before marble statue can be given a real life and value. Our skillful stone sculptors have inherited such instinct abilities from their ancestors. Beijing white marble, similar to Italian white Carrara in color and texture,  is one of the most popular material suitable for sculpturing marble statues and figurines although many alternative colors such as red, pink, gray or beige are also commonly used in certain projects. Besides marble, certain other stone types, such as limestone, sandstone and travertine, can also be used to carve statues and sculptures. Traditionally expensive stone art is very affordable at Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED.

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