Door frames

Are you looking to buy cheap but quality stone doorways, door surrounds or door frames ? If so, you have arrived at the right place. From simple jambs and moldings to a luxury carved casing, stone door surround add significant value to a property. As a leading manufacturer in China, Refine Industrial Co.,LIMITED designs and produces large selection of cheap buy of high quality doorways and door surrounds that are hand-carved natural stones such as marble granite travertine and limestone.  We custom produce a variety of marble granite surrounds that are affordable. Most of designs for window frames can also be adopted for door surrounds in a larger scale. 

We designs and produce cheap but best hand carved ornate solid marble doorways and marble door surrounds. Our ideas and door way designs originates from the great villas, palaces, chateaus, and churches around Europe and especially Italy. Our interior and exterior designs include ornate arched and rectangular doorsurrounds of the Grotto, the Renaissance, Romanesque and Neo-Classical periods. Like Bernini, Sabbatini, Di Vinci and Michelangelo our sculptors choose to hand carve our works of art in only the best quality marble and other natural stones.  In the past ten years we have been supplying cheap yet high quality stone doorway and surrounds to major building and renovation projects, including commercial residential building hotel apartment condominium construction. Color and design selections, cheap stone price and superior workmanship have enabled us gain competitive edge all over the world.

Carvings,Sculpture Series
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