Columns and Roman posts

Are you looking to buy elegant yet affordable architectural columns? If yes, you have come to the right place. RefineStone Industrial Co.,LIMITED manufactures a full line of stone columns at very low prices.  Different from precast columns or concrete column, elegantly hand carved marble column, marble travertine and other types of stone columns, often referred as Roman columns and sometimes as Greek column in general, are antique style building accessories, adding a touch of history to the architectural decor and make a extremely attractive display.

 RefineStone Industrial Co.,LIMITED specializes in marble column and other carved stone columns and pillars in a variety of styles including roman column, Greek column, Corinthian column, ionic column and Doric column. Each stone column is available in either solid or hollow configuration and can be used in both structural and non-structural, interior as well as exterior applications. In addition to regular large architectural marble round column, RefineStone Industrial Co.,LIMITED also offers square shaped stone columns, decorative outdoor column, small pedestal column as well as column table and split wall columns. Custom column design available and welcome. If you have a specific column design or even a column design idea, we will convert the design to marble column products for you.

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